Our Story

Ever since Avec Nature’s founder, Cherie Yang, witnessed her mother battle breast cancer, she set out to ensure all people could stay healthy and to prevent devastating illnesses.

Growing up in the impoverished and oppressed country of North Korea, Cherie Yang had first hand experience of extreme malnutrition and mass starvation. Seeing her friends and neighbors starve to death, suffering from severe malnutrition, looking for food on the ground or in the garbage in order to survive, was a devastating experience to her.

After she escaped, rather than sit back, Cherie used her hard fought freedom and took action, creating Avec Nature’s balanced meal to rid the world of malnutrition and famine that exists in North Korea, Africa, the Middle East, and so many other places in need. While living in America, Cherie further realized how even in developed modern countries, the amount of proper nutrition in common food is very much inadequate, equaling in the spikes of health problems we are seeing today. We believe Avec Nature’s balanced meal will close the gap between food and nutrition. Hunger both on the large scale and hunger for a healthy diet hopes to be solved through Avec Nature’s nutritionally completed superfood.